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Verre de Murano en fusion
What is Murano glass?

Used to make works of art, Murano glass is an invaluable commodity.

It is a glass with unique reflections and colors. It is composed of a selection of silicas, sands with very fine and regular grain. Unlike crystal, Murano glass does not contain lead, it is even banned in tradition.

This ancestral craft dates back to the 13th century in Italy, in Venice, on the island of Murano, where Byzantine craftsmen settled following the sacking of Constantinople during the fourth crusade. Over the centuries, these techniques developed and spread throughout Italy and Europe.

Sable blanc de Fontainebleau pour la fabrication du verre de Murano
Ciseaux pour travailler le verre de Murano
How is Murano glass made?

There are as many glassmaking and glassblowing techniques in Murano as there are workshops.
The material from the sand begins its metamorphosis with fire, heat. It then transforms, melts, expands.
For decorative objects (lamps, tableware, etc.), the glass is heated in crucibles where the heat of the ovens rises to 1000°.
For jewellery, this starts with solid or hollow glass rods which are heated and softened with the flame of a blowtorch.
These various complex techniques require years of experience. Visiting the island of Murano in Italy and being able to admire a glassmaker in action is a real experience and allows you to appreciate the rarity of this glass.

How to recognize Murano glass?

Murano glass is visible to the eye thanks to its imperfections and uniformity. We always find on its surface some variations of sizes, colors, air bubbles. However, this is not a manufacturing defect, but the result of manual work to obtain a singular and unique glass. There are two methods to authenticate this type of glass, produced exclusively on the island of Murano in Italy.

Like all artists, Murano glassmakers tend to sign their works. However, this is not systematic and a certificate of authenticity can be provided. Indeed, many mentions "Made in Italy" or "Made in Venice" present on imitations are there to deceive you.


Chandeliers, sconces, suspensions, lanterns, lamps, floor lamps...


Venetian mirror, high-end mirror, custom-made mirror


Tableware, perfume diffusers, candle holders, vases...

The founder
Michèle Richer

An interior designer by training, she collaborated for more than 20 years with a large Parisian house specializing in Murano glass.

An entrepreneur at heart, she created Maison Milodina to put her art at the service of her passion and today designs bespoke jewelry and masterpieces for some of the most renowned architectural firms.