Murano Glass Ring of Creator Women's Ring Venus Color Black at the golden edge

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Murano glass creator ring for women or men


The black ring is a murano -shaped hand -shaped glass creator ring


The murano glass disc is about 22 mm in diameter and is made without mold; The dimensions can therefore vary slightly from jewelry to another.

Metal as a very good quality gold or silver finish.


The signature of the Milodina brand on metal allows its true authentication.


Black/golden edge, white/silver edge, crystal/white watermark ... a large choice of colors is possible

Adaptability for all

The opening of the metal ring allows an adjustment that will adapt to all finger sizes.

Association other models for adornment

This ring came to match very well with the other models of the same collection such as bracelets, pendants, necklaces, long necklace or earrings.


If a model is not currently available in stock, do not hesitate to contact Milodina via the mail to request its delay.

Tailor-made jewelry

In addition, Milodina is open to tailor-made creations depending on a special event or occasion. Do not hesitate to contact Milodina.

Quality Creator Ring

Black glass/Golden edge

crystal/white watermark

Glass Golden Finish

white glass/silver edge

Black/crystal watermark glass

A collection of creator jewelry made in France

This ring came can be carried alone or accompanied by jewelry coordinated with the same collection.

Discover the bracelets Where Venus frivolous,

the necklace where the long -haired,

where the Simple earrings , hanging WhereFrivolous.

Discover here the whole collection Venus

The guarantee of a unique jewelry

Indeed, the designer, Michèle Richer, has been working with Murano glassmakers for over 20 years.

His expertise and know-how around Murano glass allows him to draw and realize Artisanal and original exceptional jewelry.

Discover its story here

Possibility of a tailor-made ring

As this ring is entirely designed by us,

that the glass part is shaped in Murano according to our design

That we choose the metal part, the finish of the decor and finalize the assembly in our workshops,

He is completely possible to personalize this ring at your convenience 

Different glass color,

Dimension of different glass ...

Do not hesitate to contact us at, we will find a solution together

6 minutes to take you into our universe ...

Discover our master glassmakers from Murano at work on our collections

A Murano glass certified jewelry

A jewel for yourself or to offer quality

A packaging at the height of an original and quality jewelry

A murano glass warranty certificate

The questions you ask us most often

Is glass fragile?


Our jewelry is studied to withstand everyday shocks.

Some precautions to take when putting and removed them, becauseThe danger is us! not the glass ...

  • put you above a flexible place In case of sudden gestures ... (carpet, bed, sofa ..)

  • Keep your jewelry in their original setting Rather than in your bathroom next to your earthenware sink ...

Our writings are studied for each of them. Your jewelry will therefore be preserved safely.

  • Our earrings are mounted on closed sleepers, so no risk of losing them if you remove scarf, sweater over, handbag ...

Is the glass heavy?


The glassmaker works a glass of a few tenths of a millimeter thick which allows you to have very light jewelry - particularly important for earrings ... but All our collections remain very light.

How do I choose the size?

Our rings have an open system therefore adjustable For everyone according to their finger size.

Finger problems that swell in summer compared to winter? No problem, our rings adapt.

High -end murano glass creator ring

Black glass/Golden edge

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crystal/white watermark

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Glass Golden Finish

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white glass/silver edge

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Black / crystal watermark

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Stock & Returns - Free delivery in France

Delivery is free, within 3 to 6 working days in France. Returns are also free for 30 days.

If a model is not available in stock, do not hesitate to contact us via the email to ask for its lead time.

Authenticity & Quality

Our designer jewels are exclusive French creations whose glass parts are hand-made in Murano according to our design.

Glass & Metal Care

Maintenance of gold-finish jewellery: Wipe them with a soft cloth.

Silver finish jewelry maintenance: The silver finish oxidizes more or less quickly depending on the acidity of your skin. Silver can be cleaned very well with Silver clean or a dedicated special silver jewelry cloth.

Maintenance of glass parts: A simple soft cloth to remove any fingerprints, make-up, etc. Glass does not like extreme temperature changes so do not immerse it in boiling water or frozen water

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What is designer jewelry?

Our designer jewels are designed and finalized by the creator of Milodina, Michèle Richer, whose glass parts are shaped in Murano by exceptional glass artisans.

Michèle Richer - The Creator

I am Michèle Richer, interior designer by training and founder of the brand Milodina Paris. More than 20 years of expertise with Murano glassmakers have led me to create my jewelry collections.

Your custom creation

You want to personalize your own Murano glass jewel or create your custom Murano jewel for an occasion or simply for pleasure. Do not hesitate to give life to your imagination, Milodina will be able to accompany you