September 2023
Immersed in Murano with Milodina and the TF1 major reports show

Summary :

This captivating report (duration 14min) immerses us in the fascinating world of the master glassmakers of Murano, through the exceptional journey of Michèle Richer, founder of Milodina. For 25 years, Michèle has forged precious links with these artisans, exploring every corner of the Venetian island to find the best talents. Today, she is embarking on a monumental challenge with Omar, one of Murano's most renowned master glassmakers, to complete an extraordinary order for 8 floor lamps within an extremely tight deadline...

In the workshop, each gesture is a majestically orchestrated choreography, where artistry and humility are as important as technique. Anxiety mounts as the deadline for an extraordinary project approaches and the wooden molds, essential for manufacturing, are slow to arrive. But with unfailing determination, Michèle and her team finally manage to deliver the eight lampposts just in time, in breathtaking suspense until the final outcome.

This adventure, which ends auspiciously, marks a significant step for Michèle and Milodina. With projects pouring in and an order book already full, Michèle continues to inspire and challenge the glass magicians of Murano, thus opening new perspectives in the world of creation.

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