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Our collection of Murano glass rings

Murano glass rings in unique colors

The singular color of a Murano glass ring is obtained thanks to the ancestral technique of "murrines". This method consists of superimposing several layers of glass of different colors and allows to have an incomparable result in terms of quality, transparency and luminosity.

Your handmade Murano glass ring

Milodina works closely with partner Italian craftsmen to create high-end jewelry. The glass parts of our rings are designed in Italy on the island of Murano in Venice. Many exchanges, prototypes and modifications are essential to obtain the final design of a quality Murano glass ring .

An adjustable metal ring

At Milodina, we take great care in choosing the metal and the base of your Murano glass ring . Indeed, the different types of metals will determine the durability, brilliance and value of your jewelry. We have chosen the option of an adjustable ring to be able to adapt to all finger sizes.

To limit the oxidation of your ring, we have opted for a silver finish which can be cleaned perfectly with Silver Clean or a dedicated special silver jewelery cloth.

Our different Murano glass jewels

All our Murano jewelry for women is handmade, in limited series, both Murano necklaces, Murano bracelets and Murano earrings . This allows us to highlight the exceptional know-how of our craftsmen and to control the quality and sourcing of our raw materials.