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Discover our Murano glass necklaces

Find the piece that will dress up your daily life among our exceptional collection. We offer Murano necklaces for women designed according to the ancestral tradition of Venetian glass. Each personality will find a design to enhance their outfit: heart necklaces, long necklaces, chokers or pendants.

The making of our Murano necklaces

Murano glassmakers are experts in creating incomparable colors. Their technique of murrines or millefiori is based on the manufacture of multicolored sticks with successive patterns. The end result is made up of several layers of glass that overlap to form a single rod. Our Murano glass earrings are therefore composed of these different segments called "murrines".

When making our earrings, we select metal clasps suitable for the different shapes of our jewelry. This research determines the durability, strength and brilliance of your Murano glass earrings. At Milodina, we have chosen silver finishes, which oxidize little and are easily cleaned with Silver Clean or a dedicated special silver jewelry chamois.

Milodina, expert in Murano necklaces

An expert in the traditional craftsmanship of Venetian glass, Milodina designs and produces minimalist, refined, timeless Murano necklaces that highlight the know-how of the glassmakers and the uniqueness of the materials used. We like to mix contemporary style and tradition. Interior designer and founder of the Milodina house, Michèle Richer personally creates and designs each project. With more than 20 years of experience, she has created over the years privileged relationships with the glassmakers of Murano.

Murano necklaces inspired by nature

The main inspiration for the Murano necklaces designed by Milodina comes mainly from nature, the flora that surrounds us and our relationship to it. It continues with the work of glass and the exchanges between the designer and the Italian masters to apprehend and give life to this natural imagination.

Our range of bespoke jewelery

All our Murano jewelry for women is handmade, in limited series, both for Murano rings, Murano bracelets and Murano earrings . This allows us to highlight the exceptional know-how of craftsmen and to control the quality and sourcing of our raw materials.