November/December 2023

Milodina in Current House

Summary :

Milodina, a French house founded by Michèle Richer in 2016, is committed to magnifying Murano glass through high-end creations. With training as an interior designer from the Camondo school, Michèle creates a range of decorative pieces, ranging from jewelry to lighting to tableware, each reflecting the essence and history of the masters glassmakers from Murano, an island dear to him.

In Murano, the true cradle of the art of glass, each workshop contains a secret universe, where skilled artisans practice their craft with passion and virtuosity. Michèle Richer has established close ties with these craftsmen with unique know-how, allowing them to carry out tailor-made projects, with responsiveness and precision. This 25-year collaboration has shaped Milodina into much more than just a business; it embodies a love story for Murano glass and its artisans, a vibrant tribute to exceptional craftsmanship and the transmission of ancestral know-how.

Milodina stands out for its French elegance, embodying passion, technique and quality of artisanal work. Michèle Richer's creations represent the refinement, rarity and timelessness of Murano glass, transmitting this heritage to a modern and demanding clientele. Through Milodina, the brilliance of Murano becomes an invitation to explore the art of this exceptional material, a luminous treasure of sophistication and passion, intended for lovers of art and beauty in search of authenticity.