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Discover our Murano jewelry

Specializing in high-end Murano glass craftsmanship, Milodina offers authentic and certified jewelry in hand-crafted Murano glass. All our Murano jewels are designed or selected by Michèle Richer, founder of Milodina. The glass parts are worked by hand by our partner craftsmen on the island of Murano in Venice, Italy, then our jewelry is assembled in our workshops in Yvelines in Île-de-France.

What is Murano glass jewelry?

All our Murano jewelry is made from ancestral know-how held by the glassmakers of the island of Murano in Italy. This manual glass craft was born in Venice in the 13th century. Murano jewelry is created from glass with unique reflections and colors. It is composed of a selection of silicas, sands with very fine and regular grain. Used to make works of art, Murano glass is an invaluable commodity.

Our Murano jewelry collections

Our Murano rings

Find our collection of designer Murano rings or our hand-crafted murrine Murano rings . Traditional method bringing unique reflections and colors. The ring is adjustable for all finger sizes.

Our Murano necklaces

Milodina offers you a selection of Murano necklaces. Designer Murano necklaces or traditional murrine or millefiori necklaces. Pendants, chokers, long necklaces and heart necklaces . Our necklaces have a sleek design, representative of Venetian know-how.

Our Murano earrings

Our designer Murano earrings are inspired by nature, morning dew, sage leaves, aromatic plants. Milodina also offers you authentic Murano earrings with a colorful and elegant design. They have shapes with various reliefs and are accompanied by golden or silver structures.

Our Murano bracelets

To dress your wrist with finesse, discover our refined creations of Murano bracelets. With a sliding clasp system, they will be adjustable for all wrist sizes.

Our murrine jewelry

Discover our jewelry in murrines or millefiori. These multicolored glass rods with floral motifs are made using an ancestral Murano technique.