Discover our high-end murano glass lamps

Our design murano lamps

Core business of the Milodina house, we have been designing and producing murano lamps for more than 20 years. Following numerous handpicked prototypes, we offer a wide range of lights, in a sleek, elegant and timeless style.

The details and colors of our lamps highlight the quintessence of our partner glassmakers in Venice, Italy. Each piece is unique and shaped by hand according to the ancestral know-how of Murano glassmakers. The different layers of colors are obtained using the “murrine” technique.

The dimensions of the luminaire

For a room of about 10 m2: You will need to make a chandelier of about 3/5 lights - Ø 50/60 cm

For a room of about 20 m2: You will need to make a chandelier of about 6 lights - Ø 70/80 cm

For a room of about 30 m2: You will need to make a chandelier of about 8 lights - Ø 90/100 cm

Whatever the size of the room, we can advise you.

Our murano bedside lamps

If you are looking for a bedside lamp or a table lamp, our creations are ideal for enhancing the brightness of your room. Whether for your bedroom or for your living room, our murano lamps are the ideal decoration to add warmth to your room.

Unlike our suspension lights, our table lamps are easily adjustable, they will allow you to adjust the direction of the light in your room to your liking.

Opt for the suspension with a chandelier

For quality lighting, we advise you to opt for a murano chandelier. This light source will increase your visual comfort and enhance the room in which it is located.

The height of the chandelier will depend on:

- ceiling height

- if you have a dining room or living room table placed underneath or other...

- if it is a place of passage, circulation...

An old & vintage lamp

1920s, 1950s or 1970s, vintage lamps are on the rise. At Milodina, we also offer old murano lamps, full of character and atypical.

They will bring the final touch to your decoration.