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Discover our handcrafted murano glass chandeliers

Add a touch of light with your murano chandelier

To add a touch of elegance and brightness to your living room, we advise you to opt for a Murano glass chandelier. Renowned for its quality and transparency, we offer tailor-made lighting, the result of an encounter between the ancestral know-how of Venetian glassmakers and contemporary style.

A Venetian chandelier

Murano glass chandeliers have been our core business and know-how for over 20 years. They are handmade, piece by piece, by partner craftsmen working on the island of Murano in Venice, Italy. Our prototypes are designed in collaboration with Venetian glassmakers to obtain an incomparable end result. The glass is then transported to our workshops in Yvelines, where the lights are finalized.

Our different types of blown murano glass chandeliers

All our murano chandeliers are made to measure for our customers. We support you in choosing the color, size, patterns according to your needs and the room to be decorated. Both classic and modern, our chandeliers will adapt to the design of your room to create an alternation of style and an exceptional atmosphere.

If you like lampshades, we will choose their shape together (conical, square, cylindrical...), their finish (smooth, pleated) with or without bias...

Opt for an old chandelier

Whether in the Art Deco, Rezzonico, Palmettes, Romantic or leaf suspension style, we are here to advise you, guide you at every step to choose the chandelier, the wall lamp, the old murano glass ceiling light that suits you. matches.