Discover our high-end murano mirrors

Murano mirrors and the Venetian style

Both modern and inspired by the traditional Venetian style, our murano mirrors are perfect for decorating your living rooms and bringing them brightness. Our mirrors are shaped by hand by our partner craftsmen, on demand and tailor-made to suit your needs. Murano glass is renowned for its incomparable colors, quality, transparency and luminosity.

A know-how transmitted for several centuries

In order to control the quality and sourcing of the raw materials at the base of our murano mirrors, we work closely with Italian glassmakers to design works with minimalist and light lines.

All our creations, such as our murano jewelry or our murano lamps start at the end of a glass cane and are then stretched or blown with the heat of a flame fueled by gas, methane and air. It is during this complex and meticulous process that will emerge the details, the irregularities which make the charm of Murano glass. These are not imperfections, but the result of high-end craftsmanship.

A choice of murano mirrors between modern and traditional

The first reflex when entering a room is often to take a look at your reflection in a mirror. It is therefore important to choose a Murano mirror in accordance with the atmosphere and aesthetics given off by the room to be fitted.

A mirror in the traditional Venetian style can enhance and bring character to modern and minimalist decorations. Conversely, you can opt for a slightly more discreet and refined mirror if the room you are equipping is already well decorated.