All our lights are made on demand for all types of customers: individuals, architects, decorators or specifiers. Milodina is there to advise you, guide you at every step to choose the chandelier, the wall lamp, the ceiling lamp, the lamp, the Murano glass floor lamp that suits you.

You should know that the majority of our lights can be made to measure at no additional cost.

To help you imagine the almost endless choices that are possible, here are some details to consider.

The style of the chandelier
The color of the glass

Murano glass is renowned for its quality, transparency and choice of colors available. We are sure to find the one or ones that suit you.

The placement of colors

The chandelier can be monochrome or polychrome. We define together the distribution of colors; those that will be red, white...

Adding a lampshade

Whether you like lampshades or not is up to you. We define together their color, their shape (conical, square, cylindrical...), their finish (smooth, pleated) with or without bias...

We also choose their interior and exterior color. If you like a strong light, we will do the inside of the white lampshade, if you like it subdued, we will then make the interior amber, ecru, gold...

Adding tassels

Indeed, even if the chandelier in the photo is adorned with pendants, we can decide to put them or not and more or less...

Glass finish

Transparent, opaque, smooth, streaked, balloton... We can define it together on each part which constitutes the luster, their finish, their texture.

The dimensions of the luminaire
For a room of about 10m2:

it will be necessary to make a chandelier of about 3/5 lights - Ø 50/60 cm

For a room of around 20m2:

it will be necessary to make a chandelier of about 6 lights - Ø 70/80 cm

For a room of approximately 30 m2:

it will be necessary to make a chandelier of about 8 lights - Ø 90/100 cm

Whatever the size of the room, we will be able to advise you.

These proportions are given as an indication.

The height of the chandelier will depend on:

- ceiling height

- if you have a dining room or living room table placed underneath or other...

- if it is a place of passage, circulation...