Milodina's designer jewelry is designed and designed by Milodina's creator, Michèle Richer, whose glass parts are handcrafted in Murano by our artisans whom we know very well.
The jewelry we manufacture is high-end quality costume jewelry. Elegant, unique, original and authentic, they are designed by working hand in hand with true Murano glass artisans.
Our jewelry reflects both the millennia-old tradition of Murano glass and a refined, contemporary design.
Assembly and finalization of our creations are made by us in our workshop located in Yvelines in Ile de France.
In each of our boxes is slipped a certificate guaranteeing the provenance of the glass which is well shaped by hand by our master glassmakers from the island of Murano near Venice.
Milodina packaging and certified Murano glass certificate

How to recognize and identify real Murano glass

The jewelry has imperfections

Real Murano glass is handmade which results in small imperfections:

  • air bubbles for example
  • or irregularities in the glass

This is not a defect but on the contrary the sign of artisanal work, the certainty of having a singular and unique piece of jewelry.

The island of Murano is a reference brand

To find out if it is Murano glass:

  • either you have the glassmaker's signature on the large pieces of glass,
  • either you have a certificate of authenticity.

Murano glass is as much about an artisanal technique as it is about a location, a physical place. Authentic glass is only produced on the island of Murano in Italy.

Unique colors
Murano glassmakers are masters in the art of creating unparalleled colors. These are very difficult to reproduce with such quality, transparency and brightness.
To keep the secret of these unique colors, each family of glassmakers keeps a very old notebook which has been passed from father to son for generations where the formulas, the "recipes" for creating the colors are noted.

How is our designer jewelry made?

The magic of transforming matter
Visiting Murano and seeing a master glassmaker work is always a magical and moving moment that you never get tired of; it is a wonder renewed each time. The matter resulting from sand and fire begins its metamorphosis with fire, light, heat then transforms, melts, expands. It is an age-old art, passed down through generations, which rivals the most beautiful precious stones in beauty.
Our designer jewelry is shaped with a blowtorch flame

All our jewelry starts from a solid or hollow glass cane depending on whether the glass piece needs to be stretched or blown. The master glassmaker softened the glass cane with the heat of a flame powered by methane gas and air. The glassmaker then shapes this cane using various metal pliers.

When the glass is blown, the hole through which the glassmaker blows remains visible. When the piece of glass is pinched/stretched with metal pliers, some irregularities, like circles on the water, may appear...

Lamp blown glass

Lamp blown glass is a very complex technique. The glassmaker works a glass a few tenths of a millimeter thick and freehand, which allows for very light jewelry - particularly important for earrings...

In this process, only the eye of the master glassmaker and his years of experience can understand how long the glass can be worked before breaking, how to heat it more or less close to the flame, how to work it...
We work in close collaboration with our glassmakers.
When we are developing a new collection, Michèle Richer is present on site in Murano. She is right next to them in their workshop to chat. The glassmaker never first has the right solution for a new shape, a new design. Many exchanges, prototypes and modifications are necessary to arrive at the final model.
You are thus assured of having a unique and singular piece of jewelry.