In a mirror restoration, for the first stage of quote, we do not necessarily need to move. If we receive several photos (overview, detail view, face, back ...), we are able to make an estimate for catering.
Once this quote has been validated, we move, take certain pieces of glass and/or mirror to be able to redo them identically or closest by our craftsmen from Murano. We make hand drawings of each borrowed room.
If this mirror needs complete restoration with cleaning, consolidation, etc. In this case, we plan a removal date from the start to be able to restore it in our workshops and a date of installation.
These are often exceptional pieces with a story and a sentimental value.


Complete dismantling in our workshops of all the parts that constitute the mirror.


They are arranged on a cover exactly as they were placed on the mirror.


The restoration of the mirror can then begin


The restoration of the mirror takes place in the following order:

  • Treatment of wood often damaged.
  • Change of mirror parts engraved if necessary.
  • Complete replacement of silver paper on wood.
  • Complete cleaning of mirror and glass parts.
  • Rest of all the elements and supplements of glass parts (flower, leaves, chopsticks) or mirrors if necessary depending on the traditional and ancestral techniques.
Once the mirror is restored, it has been resettled at the customer (see below)
Do you have a mirror or other murano glass decoration article that you would like to renovate? Do not hesitate to contact us !