The Murrine technique is an ancestral know-how of Murano glassmakers.

It involves making multicolored glass rods with successive patterns. These glass rods are made of several layers of colored glass. Each time the glass layer is different in color and finish.

Once finished, the glass rod is then cut into very thin slices or discs called murrines. It takes a lot of patience and skill to make them.

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What is a Murrine used for?

Murrines are often used to make jewelry. In this case, the washers are laid out flat according to a predefined mosaic pattern and then are heated in order to blend together. These patterns are often called "millefiori" because it often represents a flower or a rather floral pattern. The jewel is then polished or sandblasted according to the desired finish.

Murrine is also widely used for the manufacture of decorative objects such as vases, glasses, tableware or even chandeliers.

But in this case, the technique is different. Indeed, the glassmakers always use Murrine slices prepared by another glassworks upstream, but this time, everything is worked hot in large glass furnaces.

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