Authentic Murano Glass Earrings of Creator Plume or Salvia Gray Leaf

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  • Gray and ribbed Salvia earrings are high -end murano glass
  • A French designer jewelry
  • Light but resistant!
  • Noble materials
  • Unique and exclusive jewelry quality
  • Quality hypoallergenic metal
  • Murano Glass Handmade Glass Guarantee Certificate
  • High -end writing
  • Free delivery


Murano glass earrings with exceptional know-how


Salvia earringsare inspired by nature.

Salvia means Sage in Italian ...

A plant with medicinal and aromatic virtues ofElegant and sober shape.

These earrings are made of murano glass

They are earrings each time unique because they are shaped by hand without mold.

This is why the dimension of the ribbed sheet of about 12 x 45 mm can vary slightly from one room to another.

The golden or silver metal part in the form of closed sleeper brings you the security of power Wearing them daily.


Pastels or transparent, The colors of the Salvia collection are very numerous. They offer you all the possibilities to accessorize your outfits wonderfully.

A creator jewel made in France

The word of the designer

For these Salvia earrings,I offer you A sober, fresh and refined design inspired by nature.

The delicate and ribbed sheet highlights the light of the exceptional colors available in Murano thanks to the relief provided on the glass.

A jewel to illuminate your face elegantly.

I hope you enjoy

Michèle - Founder of Milodina

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A case scratched to our brand accompanies your jewelry as well as a certificate of authenticity

Offer more than a jewel, offer know-how and a share of history

Do not forget to choose the finish of the desired metal

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Our creations are 100% made in France and the glass we use comes 100% from Murano.


Maintenance of gold-finish jewellery: Wipe them with a soft cloth.

Silver finish jewelry maintenance: The silver finish oxidizes more or less quickly depending on the acidity of your skin. Silver can be cleaned very well with Silver clean or a dedicated special silver jewelry cloth.

Maintenance of glass parts: A simple soft cloth to remove any fingerprints, make-up, etc. Glass does not like extreme temperature changes so do not immerse it in boiling water or frozen water