Magnet - Magnet - Penguin | Murano glass

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Hand-crafted authentic Murano glass magnet. Quality and original piece. Possibility of hanging it on any metal support such as the refrigerator, photo board. Tailor-made customization possible.
Glass size: about 6/8 cm

Murano Glass Maintenance

The glass parts should be cleaned with lukewarm water possibly mixed with white vinegar, then wipe with a soft cloth.

Further information

All of our decorative items are not in stock.
The deadline for receiving them is approximately one month.
Possibility of this fact of customizing them in dimensions, colors, glass finish...
Do not hesitate to send us by email at, your preferences.

Authenticity & Quality

Milodina has worked closely with Murano glassmakers for over 25 years.

You have the guarantee, through its history and expertise, of exceptional and quality work, the assurance of Murano glass coming from our Murano glass artisans.

Verre de Murano en fusion
What is Murano glass?

Used to make works of art, Murano glass is an invaluable commodity.

It is a glass with unique reflections and colors. It is composed of a selection of silicas, sands with very fine and regular grain. Unlike crystal, Murano glass does not contain lead, it is even banned in tradition.

This ancestral craft dates back to the 13th century in Italy, in Venice, on the island of Murano. Small bubbles or imperfections in the glass are a sign of handcrafted work.

Michèle Richer - The Creator

An interior designer by training, she collaborated for more than 20 years with a large Parisian house specializing in Murano glass.

An entrepreneur at heart, she created Maison Milodina to put her art at the service of her passion and today designs bespoke jewelry and masterpieces for some of the most renowned architectural firms.

Your custom creation

Do you want to create or personalize a Murano glass element? Do not hesitate to give life to your imagination, Milodina will be able to accompany you