Authentic and artisanal Murano Glass Ring Handmade Murrine Ring or Millefiori Square Red Color

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  • Certified and authentic murano glass ring
  • Noble materials
  • Agreement certificate authenticating glass shaped in Murano
  • Shaped
  • Quality craft work
  • Unique color
  • High -end writing
  • Safe transport
  • Easy maintenance
  • Free delivery


Discover our Murano Square Ring in Murrine Rouge


Our Murano Glass Glass Murrine Ring isHandmade on Murano Island


The glass part is as dimensions 16 x 16 mm

Adjustable ring

The metal ring being open, this allows a 


The diversity of choices in glass colors allows you to find the one that will delight you most!

Here are the other color variations of these Millefiori Millefiori square rings

Do you hesitate with another color?

Here are all the colors available for these square rings

Blue murano ring

Murano Rose Ring

White and yellow Murano Murano Ring

Turquoise blue murano ring

Murano Green Ring

White and yellow murano ring

Red Murano Ring

Discover here all our Murano rings in Murrine or Millefiori

Also discover coordinated jewelry for adornments

Complete the ring with the coordinated necklace and/or earrings.

An elegant and bright set

Murano Rouge necklace


Red Murano earrings


Murano Coeur Rouge necklace


Milodina guarantees you certified and authentic murano jewelry

A very nice setting 

and allows him to travel safely

Milodina has been working with Murano glass craftsmen since 1996.

You canDiscover your story here.

guarantee of authentic and quality work

The guarantee of a 

Guarantee of a jewel from Murano and not from a distant country ...

A bright and craft murano ring that will finalize all your outfits

An adjustable, adjustable and authentic ring of Murano

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Delivery is free, within 3 to 6 working days in France. Returns are also free for 30 days.

Authenticity & Quality

Our creations are 100% made in France and the glass we use comes 100% from Murano.

Glass & Metal Maintenance

Maintenance of gold-finish jewellery: Wipe them with a soft cloth.

Silver finish jewelry maintenance: The silver finish oxidizes more or less quickly depending on the acidity of your skin. Silver can be cleaned very well with Silver clean or a dedicated special silver jewelry cloth.

Maintenance of glass parts: A simple soft cloth to remove any fingerprints, make-up, etc. Glass does not like extreme temperature changes so do not immerse it in boiling water or frozen water