Murano glass designer necklace - Elixir -Du Red -Diverse Colors

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Glass color: White
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  • Murano exclusive creator necklace

  • Noble and quality materials

  • Light jewelry

  • Certificate of authenticating origin the glass shaped in Murano

  • Hand -shaped without mold

  • Hypoallergenic quality metal decor

  • High -end writing

  • Safe transport

  • Easy maintenance

  • Free delivery


A Murano glass necklace handmade by exceptional craftsmen


The ras of Elixir of beautiful dimensions with a rectangular and delicate shape which will allow you to delight your beauty.

Elegant, sensual, he will dress in all circumstances your silhouette.

Its production by hand by great craftsmen of the island of Murano brings it a unique singularity and shine.

As a result, the overall dimensions of about 27 x 50 mm can vary slightly from one room to another.

The metal neck touches a sobriety and modernity that leaves pride of place to the reflection of the glass.


The golden, white, pastel red colors will be colors which, inevitably, will adapt to your outfits.

Association Other models

The ras of Elixir can be adorned with earrings, of theRing Where bracelet from the same collection.

It's up to you!


Tell us your story because, for unique opportunities,

Milodina can personalize these creations in order to realize your dreams. Contact us by email:

The word of the designer

For this Elixir necklace,

I was inspired by bottles of perfume, Elixirs of yesteryear ...

Its heart of color with unique reflections is similar to precious liquid whose benefits are multiple: medicinal, bewitching, sensual ...

A close collaborationAnd a mutual listening to the know-how of Murano glassmakers was necessary to reach an exceptional necklace.

Michèle - Founder of Milodina

Elixir is a collection of creator made in France of quality

Irresistible and timeless glass colors

Golden Glass Heart

White glass heart

Red glass heart

Feel this light and these unique reflections by discovering our complete Elixir collection because our Elixir necklace can be worn alone or in adornment

Indeed, this ras of Elixir is very easily accompanied

bracelet, ring, of theSimple earrings Where Pendant earrings contact information

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A gift to offer or to offer quality

Murano glass authenticity certificate

From its design to its realization until the final packaging, you are certainly having a Elegant jewelry.

The guarantee of having fun or having fun.

The certainty of having a jewelry hand -shaped by Exceptional glassmakers from Murano and the expertise of the glass of its designer

Brand signature

The signature of the Milodina brand on metal allows its true authentication. The guarantee of having A singular necklace made for you.

High -end materials

Murano glass

The quality of Murano's glass is recognized worldwide for its finesse, unique colors and transparency as well as for its artisanal know-how.

The Elixir necklace is a hand -made glass jewelry.

Quality metal

The golden finish metal or silver color is very nice.

Our metal finishes resist in time, does not alter and allows daily use without alteration.

Possibility of a tailor-made jewelry

Indeed, as Milodina fully designs the Elixir collection in Murano glass, we can make it tailor-made.

Different color, different glass dimensions, we talk about it!

You will just have to be patient 3 months for the time of realization.

Metal maintenance

Silver or gold metalfits very well.

For money cleaning, we recommend Silver Clean - Easy to use professional product that instantly restores all the sparkle to your silver jewelry without alteration. It is an immersion bath - effective in a few seconds that we sell in noteAccessory section.

And then know that the less we wear the jewel and the more it oxidizes !! So to wear without moderation!

Glass maintenance

Glass is very easy to maintain.

A simple gentle cloth mainly to remove fingerprints, cream ...

Glass does not like big extreme temperature changes so do not plunge it into boiling water or ice water

That's all !

A ras of Elixir in irresistible colors

Now that you know the whole story and the quality of this Murano glass Elixir collection, all you have to do is crack!

Golden Glass Heart

White glass heart

Red glass heart

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Delivery is free, within 3 to 6 working days in France. Returns are also free for 30 days.


Our creations are 100% made in France and the glass we use comes 100% from Murano.


Maintenance of gold-finish jewellery: Wipe them with a soft cloth.

Silver finish jewelry maintenance: The silver finish oxidizes more or less quickly depending on the acidity of your skin. Silver can be cleaned very well with Silver clean or a dedicated special silver jewelry cloth.

Maintenance of glass parts: A simple soft cloth to remove any fingerprints, make-up, etc. Glass does not like extreme temperature changes so do not immerse it in boiling water or frozen water