Design chandelier - 9 lights - Ø 70 x 42 cm


This Murano glass design chandelier is shaped by craftsmen from Murano.

Hecan be carried out on demand In size, color ...

Atime limit 2/3 months will be necessary for its manufacture

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LED bulbs included - All taxes included price

Shipping costs not included

Payment by bank transfer


For information

This chandelier can be carried out in various dimensions. VOICI some benchmarks

6 lights - Ø 70 x 42 cm

9 lights - Ø 70 x 42 cm

12 lights - Ø 70 x 42 cm

To learn all - all our advice

Through this full article We explain how to define the cut of your luminaire, the number of lights,

them finishes, the style, them colors... you will know everything!

Everything is possible !

You have understood, we can shape Your chandelier exactly consistent with the photo you see

or you personalize, it's your choice

You buy at the right price Depending on the options chosen.

No additional fees On the pretext that it is achieved custom made.

You just have to be patient between 2 and 3 months, the time for its manufacture.

Milodina, Murano glass expert for over 20 years

Interior training architect

Michèle Richer has work For a beautiful Parisian house recognized for its Murano glass lights for over 20 years. Director of their design office, she learned to Master this exceptional know-how What is hand shaping of Murano glass.

Michèle has woven strong and privileged links with the master glassmakers of Murano by working with them on original projects, by carrying out lighting for individuals or for exceptional projects for prescribers, decorators or prestigious customers.

Today, and Since 2016, she Explore and deepen Through his brand Milodina, all the secrets of this craft work and these unique hands for accompany you In your quest for the Murano glass luminaire that will suit you.

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Murano Glass Maintenance

The glass parts can be cleaned with lukewarm water mixed with white vinegar, then wipe with a soft cloth. The entire chandelier can be partially or completely disassembled as needed. Milodina remains at your disposal to establish a service on this subject.

Further information

Do you want to know the price of the chandelier as it is presented in the photo? Leave us your contact details to answer you.

Would you like advice on how to check whether the dimensions, proportions, colors or other of this luminaire correspond well to your interior?

Do not hesitate to send us by email at , sketches, photos of your interior with the dimensions (length, width, ceiling height, etc.). We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Authenticity & Quality

Milodina has worked closely with Murano glassmakers for over 25 years.

You have the guarantee, through its history and its expertise, of exceptional and quality work, the assurance of lighting coming from our Murano glass artisans.

How to choose a light?

All our lights are made to order. Milodina is there to advise you, guide you

Michèle Richer - The Creator

Michèle Richer, interior designer and founder of the Milodina Paris brand, has been working closely with Murano artisans for over 20 years.

Your custom creation

Do you want to create or personalize a Murano glass element? Do not hesitate to give life to your imagination, Milodina will be able to accompany you