Photophore - Glass - Murano Glass Glass Archbone - Tulipe Model Hand Hand in Crystal and White Watch

The Tulip photophore is shaped in Murano glass hand according to the design made in France of creator

The work of the crystal and white watermark is elegantly reflected on your table or furniture. A photophore drawn by a French creator.

And why not use it as a liquor glass, verrine ...?

It's up to you to appropriate it!


A murano glass photophore worked without mold. Exceptional artisanal know-how

Here isexclusively Our new creation in tableware

A creator photophore

Through my cocoon and tulip photophoresI offer you a sleek, chic and delicate designTo satisfy our need for sweetness on a daily basis.

These glass photophores developed with Murano glassmakershaveneed several glass prototypes for each model,

A close collaborationAnd a mutual listening to know-how to reach exceptional candlesticks.

A rare and so magnificent work of the watermark ...

Michèle - Founder of Milodina

Description of the Tulip photophore or glass

This murano glass tulip photophore isA diameter of about 80 mm by a height of 65 mm.

A white glass heart in the center of photophore signs an elegant design.

The dimensions can vary from one room to another since they are Hand -shaped.

Behind the scenes of his birth

Discover through these images the development of our exclusive photophores.

The first prototypes are first made in crystal color (transparent)

Then when the shape is validated (several tests),

We then move on to the filigree.

This watermark technique requires a lot of patience and know-how ...

Once the shape and the proportions are validated, we go to the filigree finish

The watermark requires a long preparation work

When the preparation of the watermark tube is ready,

The mixture of colors must then be tamed. Each reacts differently.

Sometimes more flexible, sometimes harder, the glassmaker must constantly adapt.

Exceptional craft work

On this video, we see the glassmaker apply a very fine white glass baguette on a striated glass tube previously prepared and blown.

A beautiful case to enhance your photophore or glass

A photophore, it is ideal as present

A beautiful setting contributes to the quality of your gift

Indeed, it is the first look that confirms the promise of a quality gift.

Refined and designed for each photophore,

Personalized setting will protect it in all circumstances

Alone or in duet, an elegant and unique gift

Want to mix our 2 models of photophores?

Indeed, we have created 2 models of murano glass photophores.

So you can mix them very well in the same box!

Contact us to confirm your selection at or to

But in fact, what is Murano glass?

We invite you to read several of our articles on our blog to know everything about Murano's glass :)

The history of Murano glassmakers

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Personalization of your photophores

With pleasure ! Contact us!

Milodina is open to tailor-made creations depending on a special event or occasion.

The desire for a different dimension, another color? we are talking about it !

Indeed, we ourselves ourselves the design of our photophores,

We make them make in Murano by master glassmakers that we know very well.

Therefore, we can very well perform tailor-made photophores.

(different glass color for example ...)

You just have to be patient (about 3 months) to make them according to your wish!

An exceptional photophore

A gift to offer or afford quality. A sleek and elegant design.

Exceptional know-how

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Murano Glass Maintenance

The glass parts should be cleaned with lukewarm water possibly mixed with white vinegar, then wipe with a soft cloth.

Further information

All of our decorative items are not in stock.
The deadline for receiving them is approximately one month.
Possibility of this fact of customizing them in dimensions, colors, glass finish...
Do not hesitate to send us by email at, your preferences.

Authenticity & Quality

Milodina has worked closely with Murano glassmakers for over 25 years.

You have the guarantee, through its history and expertise, of exceptional and quality work, the assurance of Murano glass coming from our Murano glass artisans.